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Your Way To Screenwriting

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Butterfly lets you organize your ideas in the easiest way, allowing you to create your original story.


Butterfly puts all you need in one place allowing you to write better and faster your professional script.


Butterfly lets you collaborate with writers and moviemakers by sharing projects, comments and scripts.

from your original story to your finalized script

Butterfly takes you all the way from the original creation process until your finalized script, through innovative digital experience and enhanced collaboration tools.

Create Your Story

Create Projects

Create and manage all your projects with the visual dashboard.

Create Synopsis

Create your synopsis by organizing your ideas in sections and smart versions.

Create Narrative Arcs

Create the narrative arc of your story using the branching pad for visual stories.

Write Your Story

Write Faster

Write faster your professional screenplay using industry standard templates.

Write Smarter

Write smarter with the unified script view of synopsis, sequences and dialogs.

Write Safer

Write safer with secured login, encrypted backups and offline exports.

Share Your Story

Share Your Projects

Share projects with co-writers, giving read or write access to your work.

Share your comments

Share online comments with co-writers for an enhanced collaborative work.

Share your work

Share your work once it’s done by inviting producers online or exporting your scripts offline.

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